New Year, New Gear

Every year, right at the dawn of a new calendar year feels like the perfect time to reset... reset your home, your work life, your personal life, and more! Sometimes it's kick-started by Christmas gifts you've received. Whatever the inspiration, it's time to take a quick inventory of your gear and see what needs a refresh! This list is half things that I needed to replace (think a broken zipper on my big suitcase and a silk pillowcase in absolute shreds) and the other half is filled with new things we're trying this year. 


5 things


silk pillowcase: having had two by another (more expensive) brand for years, they have NOT held up over time. I'm already excited by my new one and the features it provides: it zips shut, the color is more white than ivory, and so far, it feels far more substantial for a fraction of the cost


luggage set: again, this is something I needed to replace. I'm eagerly awaiting my next trip to see if I can justify taking two bags just so I can hook them together! 


sticky grippy for your phone: this is a new one and I can't wait to try it! 


air tags (available in a set of 4 or as singles): we all have a story where our bag got lost that one time


air tag covers: if you're going to get airtags, you need a case for them, too!