Nashville natives Linda & Brittany Fuson are also known as Lollie & Boo thanks to the addition of two little girls to the Fuson family. A first time grandmother and aunt, Linda and Brittany started digging deep into the archives (and Pinterest) for fun activities, DIYs, and party themes to keep the little ones entertained. 

While we've always worked best as a team, it wasn't until our Gingerbread Party in 2020 that we decided to take our ideas to the next level by starting our Lollie & Boo instagram account. While the ideas you see there are recent, I can assure you that this is Lollie's lane and she's been pulling together themes since I (Brittany) can remember. One day I'll bring out pictures from my childhood Barbie parties and my brother's horse-back riding themed party. I learned from the best. She can do it all! Don't even get me started on her stockings... just call her Mrs. Claus. 

Boo prefers to take the easy route while Lollie is willing to work around the clock to bring the most over the top idea to life. Over the years, we have found a balance between our ways of operating and hope to bring you creative ideas that are easy to execute!  

Fun Facts

Boo drinks her coffee black while Lollie takes her creamer with a splash of coffee. We both are usually dressed in head-to-toe black. We love all holidays, but our Christmas decorations go up in October (sorry Thanksgiving)!