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(clockwise from top: braided ivory sandal | braided tan sandal | black braided sandal | tan x sandal)


Today's We Shop Wednesday took us on a summer shoe adventure. We wanted to keep it simple by highlighting three categories of shoes that are musts for the warmer months ahead. Here's what you need:


1) Tevas! Yes, these sporty shoes that were popular in the 90's are back in a big way. We opted for the platform version to give us a little height, but we also found this flat (non-Teva brand) version that is on MAJOR sale right now ($18 each and they come in black, leopard, or tie-dye). 


2) Birks: it's not necessary to buy on-brand, but this chunky double-strap style is another must! We both have the rubber version that is ideal for the lake, beach, or pool because they're waterproof. Another micro-trend within the Birkinstock category is that of the footbed sandal (FINALLY comfort is a trend).


3) Square-toe: I know, it sounds daunting and like it's not for you. But trust me, there are ways to execute this without going super square. We love these braided sandals that are more of a trapezoid shape than square, and these leather sandals are an understated dressier option (both are under $40). Micro-trend alert: braided!! You'll find braided leather straps in both a Birkinstock and a square-toe style. Braided is in so it's a win-win if they also have a square toe. 


We're going to throw in a bonus... I know you're all fans of Golden Goose (as are we). I'm here to tell you that Veja is the new Golden Goose. They are a clean, white sneaker with a simple V logo on the side, but they have been seen on the likes of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. It's not a new brand, but the brand heat is there... so much so that Nordstrom is completely sold out of them in store. 


Lollie + Boo, summer shoes, summer sandals, we shop Wednesday, summer shoe trends

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Happy shopping!